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How to write an evaluation essay

An evaluation essay presents an opinion or viewpoints on someone or something. Evaluation is a common process in the field of academia, in human resource circles (referred to as employees appraisal) and in project management. In academic, an objective reader evaluates the work in question and delivers a balanced judgment. Human resource personnel, mostly on annual basis appraise their employees to assess their strength and weakness and recommend necessary action. Similarly, projects are evaluated to ascertain their usefulness and progress. In all fronts, the person evaluating studies the subject, evaluating all the facts and later gives his point of view. On the face of it, an evaluation essay is subjective in nature.

An evaluation essay begins by a summary of the article or the background information of the subject. This is meant to inform the reader on the topic under evaluation and helping the reader understand the facts that will guide the process of evaluation. Background information may entails previously held views on the subject- how other previous writers have deliberated on the subject and expose the borne of contention. The writer may choose to emphasize on background information that will be used to legitimize anticipated judgment. Writer point of view is known through a thesis statement like the subject is good or bad; the article is wanting or credible.

The writer then moves to support the judgment. In the first place, the writer develops a framework or the tools that will be used as benchmark to test supporting facts. An evaluative essay is dominated by the objective principles of the writer. The facts are presented in a systematic convincing argument that is meant to persuade the reader to buy into the idea of the writer. A standard convincing argument is won by constantly drawing evidence from the subject. In articles or book review, direct quoting is one way of presenting assuring evidence.

Each point supporting the writers’ opinion is presented in paragraph form. The paragraph is formed by sentences rich in facts to support the main point. The writer digs in for the facts on his side and the opposite side but present facts on his stance in countenance formula. Some of topics under assessment may require listing down both the positive and negative points which are then weighed according to their strength. By doing so the writer seeks to assure the reader that divergent views are recognized only that they are not convincing enough. In any case an evaluation essay is a game of for and against facts that is won by the writers’ ability to present one side as dominant and acceptable. An example of an evaluation essay is a book review. For instance in reviewing a book like RICH DAD, POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki, on how to get rich, a writer may form a thesis statement: the book is based on unfounded advice that cannot work in real world situation. Thus the writer is required to prove to the reader that the novel is only best for theorizing. In this case the writer may develop tools to test the advice presented by Robert in an effort to discredit them as unworkable.

An evaluative essay is then summarized by sincere and logical conclusions. The writer restates the main points emphasize their strength and draws the read into the conclusion that the argument presented makes sense and those holding contrary view should rethink their stand. The reader is left persuaded enough to also make a balanced judgment.

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